Pile Installation

Dutch Foundation (DF) is mainly specialized in deep foundation piling and associated works.The below presented solutions describe the main services that DF offers. DF offers a variety of other solutions that are infrequently used in the area.
With ample resources in addition to experienced engineers and designers we are able to provide innovative solutions to nonstandard deep foundation issues.
The many available types of piles and associated construction methods are mainly used for foundation load transfer and earth retention systems.
They are used in marine-based structures and in land-based structures where the surface soil layers cannot provide the required load-bearing capacity.
In all situations, piles are utilized to transfer lateral, vertical or a combination of both loads through weak soil layers to a suitable bearing layer.


Retaining Walls (Shoring)

Retaining walls are structures that hold back soil or rock from falling due to landslides caused by gravity or erosion. Watertight retaining walls (Cofferdams) are employed in conjunction with an appropriate dewatering scheme to hold back water and clay in wet areas. In deep excavations, these walls have to withstand great lateral earth pressures and hydrostatic pressures caused by ground water. See the retention wall systems that are used in the list at the right.